the Test winner of Bonedo


The stereo FRFR amp „SPARK“ is our most universally applicable amp. It works at home, at rehearsals and on stages. The „SPARK“ is equipped with very efficient 10-inch speakers. The „SPARK“ is available with and without an internal power amplifier.

Review at BONEDO (german)

  • 60 x 45 x 30 cm (w x h x d)
  • 22 kgs
  • 80 – 25.000 Hz (FRFR)
  • internal power amplifier, 2x 250 watts RMS/500 watts max (active version only)
  • 2x 10-inch woofer + 2x titan tweeters
  • PowerCon out for other devices
  • options: volume pot, wheels
  • accessories: padded cover, flight case, matching rack, cables (PowerCon, stereo twin, Y-cables

The „SPARK“ is sold out. We have a successor. Smaller, lighter, louder and better sounding

The new „Cubo EX“