The 2×12 Test winner with Coax Speakers


The „MIMIC 212“ is a stereo full-range speaker box with two coax speakers that was specially developed for modelers. In contrast to 2-way systems, the signal of a speaker of the „MIMIC 212“ comes out of only one source, which makes the sound appear more vivid and real. The „MIMIC 212“ sounds very balanced, is characterized by its homogeneous sound image and really moves air. It´s available with or without an internal power amplifier. The „MIMIC 212“ is also available as a slant version.


  • 73 x 43 x 30 cm (w x h x d)
  • 24 kgs
  • 60 – 22.000 Hz (FRFR)
  • internal power amplifier, 2×250 watts RMS/2×500 watts max (active version)
  • special 12 inch coax speakers
  • PowerCon out for other devices
  • options: volume pot, wheels
  • accessories: padded cover, flight case, matching rack, cables (PowerCon, stereo twin, Y-cables)

passive version:

from 969 € (EU) / 819 € (non-EU)

active version:

from 1.249 € (EU) / 1.049 € (non-EU)