Kemper „Kone“ inside



The „CONEHEAD 212“ is a stereo speaker box with two KEMPER „KONEs“ and was specially developed for use with the KEMPER and its „IMPRINTS“. The „KONE“ is a broadband loudspeaker and has no tweeter. Similar to a coaxial system, the signal comes out of only one source, which makes the sound appear more plastic and real.

The “CONEHEAD 212” is also available as a slant version. The front logo and the control panel on the back are rotated by 90 degrees.

The advantages of the „CONEHEAD 212“ compared to the speaker box of KEMPER:

  • thicker housing wall, which throttles unwanted housing vibrations
  • deeper bass and more sound pressure
  • stereo
  • You determine the look (tolex, grill cloth, piping) and options.
  • 73 x 43 x 30 cm (w x h x d)
  • 24 kgs
  • 60 – 12.000 Hz (GFR)
  • internal power amplifier, 2×280 watt RMS/2×560 watt max (active version only)
  • 2x KEMPER „KONE“
  • PowerCon out for other devices
  • options: volume pot, wheels
  • accessories: padded cover, flight case, matching rack, cables (PowerCon, stereo twin, Y-cables

passive version:

from 869 € (EU) / 729 € (non-EU)

 active version:

from 1.149 € (EU) / 990 € (non-EU)