The 1×12 with the Kemper „Kone“


The „CONEHEAD 112“ is a speaker cabinet with a KEMPER „KONE“ and was specially developed for use with the KEMPER and its „IMPRINTS“. The „KONE“ is a broadband loudspeaker and has no tweeter. Similar to a coaxial system, the signal comes out of only one source, which makes the sound appear more plastic and real.

The advantages of the „CONEHEAD 112“ compared to the speaker cabinet of KEMPER: 

  • thicker housing wall, which throttles unwanted housing vibrations
  • deeper bass and more sound pressure
  • you choose the outfit of the cabinet (tolex, grill cloth and piping)
  • 57 x 43 x 30 cm (w x h x d)
  • 15 kgs
  • 60 – 12.000 Hz (GFR)
  • internal power amplifier, 280 watts RMS/560 watts max (active version only)
  • KEMPER „KONE“ inside
  • PowerCon out for other devices
  • options: volume pot, wheels
  • accessories: padded cover, flight case, matching rack, cables (PowerCon and audio cables)

passive version:

from 649 € (EU) / 549 € (non-EU)

active version:

from 819 € / 689 € (non-EU)